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End of Life Care

We understand that dealing with the death of a pet is a heart-breaking time and arranging for an appointment for euthanasia can be especially difficult. Our team has lots of experience with this and we have often been through this ourselves with our own pets. We are here to help and support you through this difficult process. If you have any questions or particular requests then please contact the surgery and we would be happy to discuss.

Pet Burial

Pet burials are normally permitted on your own property or in a pet cemetery. It is against the law to bury an animal outside these places without permission. If you decide to bury your pet in your garden, it is important to dig a deep hold (1.25m minimum), avoiding cables and watercourses.

Pet Cremation

We work with a Pet Crematorium and can offer both communal and individual cremation. A communal cremation refers to pets cremated collectively with no return of ashes. An individual cremation means the pet is cremated on its own and the ashes are returned with a choice of caskets and urns.  The crematorium is an independent company, however they do work closely with us to ensure your pet is carefully and respectfully put to rest. They are available for direct enquires.