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Our Facilities

Our lovely new state-of-the-art building in Carmarthen has been custom-built to a high standard throughout, and with consideration to environmental sustainability. It is light and spacious and has been thoughtfully designed to prioritise the comfort and well-being of our patients (and their humans!)

Car Park

We offer ample on-site car parking and our location is easily accessible. How to find us

Waiting Room

Our waiting room is light, airy and comfortable, with a booth seating arrangement and a separate cat-only waiting area, to allow privacy and to minimise stress and any unwanted interaction between pets.

Consultation Rooms

We have four generously sized consultation rooms, two of which are extra-large so we have plenty of space for our examinations. One room is designed for cats and smaller patients, and another for visiting inpatients or as a dedicated space for saying goodbye to your pet.


We have our own on-site laboratory and are able to offer a wide range of tests. Many of our tests will give same day results, some in as little as 20 minutes. We have a close relationship with one of the leading veterinary laboratories in the country and any test that we are unable to perform in-house can be arranged quickly. Find out more about our lab services.

Clinical Area
We have given a lot of thought to the design of our clinical area to allow us to provide the best care, monitoring and treatment of patients that we can. We have piped medical oxygen throughout the practice and specialist ventilation to provide clean, safe airflow. We have three dedicated operating theatres, one being specific to dental procedures. Our workspace is large, clean and light, and the layout has been designed to allow flow between our wards, surgical preparation room, operating theatres and imaging room.
Imaging Room

We have the most up-to-date imaging equipment, which includes:

Digital X-ray

We have a digital x-ray system, with images available to us within seconds. Our digital system is a state-of-the-art D-R (Digital Radiography) system. Most practices still use C-R (Cassette Radiography), which requires the image to be passed on to a plate then processed to form a digital image, whereas our new D-R system is instant and provides the clearest images available.

Ultrasound machine

Our high-level ultrasound machine provides an advanced imaging platform and enables us to provide more accurate and fast diagnosis. It has features to enable a highly sensitive Doppler display to visualise blood flow and direction, and enhanced features to give authentic tissue presentation when scanning unusual lesions.


We are also proud to be able to offer a high-strength therapeutic laser. This can be used to help with wound healing, pain reduction, arthritis and reducing inflammation. Please speak to one of our vets or nurses for more information.


We have given careful consideration as to what is best for our patients. We have separate dedicated hospital wards for different species, and all wards can be easily monitored and accessed from our main treatment area. Both our canine and feline wards have a medical oxygen supply for our most critical patients.

Canine Ward

Our Canine Ward offers many large walk-in kennel units with glass panels, and our kennels are arranged in a way to reduce stress for our canine patients.

Feline Ward

Our feline ward was built with cat-friendly status in mind. Our cat condos are made of Perspex instead of stainless steel to be both warmer and quieter, as well as easy to clean. Our long-stay hospitalisation units are larger and have a separate area for the litter tray away from a comfortable rest area. Our feline ward is situated away from the canine ward so that our feline patients will not be disturbed.

Isolation Ward

We have a separate Isolation Ward to allow us to hospitalise any potentially infectious patients comfortably and safely away from the other patients.

Exotics Ward

We are one of only a few practices with a dedicated exotic animal ward. This also boasts a large walk-in unit for larger species, or to allow rabbits and guinea pigs to move around freely. We have units to provide safe, appropriate accommodation for birds and reptiles, with the correct temperatures and UV provisions. Our exotics ward is positioned away from the feline and canine wards, to minimise any noise or stress for sensitive species.

Find out more about our Exotics service.

We hope soon to be:

Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly

We will be working towards attaining ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic status and have designed our facilities with this in mind. We have a dedicated cat-only waiting area, cat consultation room, and a dedicated Feline Ward with large, comfortable and quiet cat ‘condos’; all to minimise stress and promote the well-being of our feline patients.

Rabbit Friendly

Rabbit Friendly

We will also be aiming to achieve RWAF Rabbit Friendly status. We have a dedicated Exotics Ward with housing and a walk-in enclosure for rabbits. Our vet Kevin has experience and knowledge in their veterinary care.