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Diagnostic Imaging

We have invested in some of the latest diagnostic imaging machines for our practice, and our digital radiography system and high-quality ultrasound machine allow us to perform detailed ultrasound examinations and x-rays in-house.

Digital X-ray

We have a digital x-ray system, with images available to us within seconds. Our digital system is a state-of-the-art D-R (Digital Radiography) system. Most practices still use C-R (Cassette Radiography), which requires the image to be passed on to a plate then processed to form a digital image, whereas our new D-R system is instant and provides the clearest images available.

Ultrasound machine

Our high-level ultrasound machine provides an advanced imaging platform and enables us to provide more accurate and fast diagnosis. It has features to enable a highly sensitive Doppler display to visualise blood flow and direction, and enhanced features to give authentic tissue presentation when scanning unusual lesions.